Our range of standard nonwoven products are low weight and designed specifically to provide excellent acoustic absorption, making them suitable for various areas in the automotive sector including door blankets, hush panels, instrument panels and wheel arch liners.

More bespoke nonwoven products are tailored to suit individual customer needs, including office acoustics, HVAC applications and automotive bulkhead solutions.

Products at the upper end of the weight spectrum including foams and thermoplastic mass layers are often used as barrier layers, stopping sound travelling through vehicle floor pans or reducing noise from the motor of a medical device, electric motors, switches and relays.


Battery life and performance can be extended with suitable thermal control. Autins provides nonwoven battery wraps to the automotive sector to aid thermal management in vehicles with stop-start technology.

Our patented Neptune product has a low thermal conductivity and offers opportunities to the construction sector when combined with reflective foils.

Bespoke solutions are often created by our product development team to solve last minute thermal issues on automotive applications. This includes a foam and glass-cloth wrap to protect pipes from high temperatures, a nonwoven space layer to provide protection from a higher than expected surface temperature in the vehicle, and reflective heat shields to allow a product to perform an acoustic function in a hot environment.


Autins manufactures nonwoven and meltblown materials.

Meltblown fibres are uniquely capable of performing as particulate filters, required in protective face masks.

In response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we developed a unique face mask which underwent testing by the BSi.  The face mask has UK government approval for face coverings.

Produced from our patented Neptune material, our face masks are designed to protect against harmful airborne particulate matter.