In-house manufacturing

From lightweight nonwovens to reaction moulding, Autins manufactures a range of materials in-house. These are either converted into automotive components or sold as rolled goods.

Neptune Manufacturers

In the UK, Autins manufactures the market-leading nonwoven product Neptune at its purpose-built facility in Tamworth. Neptune production combines engineered polyester fibres with melt-blown polypropylene into a microfibre web using a patented manufacturing process that is solely licensed to Autins in the UK and Europe.

Bespoke & Specially Formulated

At our Swedish plant, we manufacture a bespoke lightweight foam solution that can be formed for use in automotive environments. Created by a specially formulated chemical reaction, large blocks of low-density polyurethane foam are formed. The blocks are then sliced and dressed before conversion into automotive components within the same facility.

Bespoke, injection moulded components

A similar chemical reaction process is used on our Tamworth site to create injection moulded parts. However, instead of blocks of foam, this process creates bespoke components of high density polyurethane foam with tooling specified to each customer component.

Conversion and Assembly

Materials Testing