Rapid response from the start

Autins offers a rapid response to product development, from the initial enquiry and quotation to first-off sampling. We have designed many NVH solutions from a gearbox encapsulation (‘sock’) to a full vehicle package encompassing engine bay, interior, exterior, doors and roof. This includes a number of unique NVH solutions on a range of electric vehicle platforms.

From Concept To Launch

Design is an integral part of Autins core business as we can create bespoke solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. From concept through to manufacture and product launch, we provide engineering design expertise across projects of all sizes.

Optimised Processes

The initial design feasibility discussions concentrate on the correct design and material for the requested application. We can then simplify the design further to optimise the manufacturing process (eg why use a 3D shape when an engineered 2D shape will be as effective).

An optimised manufacturing process will:

Reduce the part complexity and cost

Reduce the tooling investment cost

Reduce the part lead-time

Reduce the logistics complexity and cost

Always Learning

We have numerous proven NVH solutions on several Electric Vehicles where we have applied the lessons learnt developing parts through each of the vehicle build phases. This has significantly enhanced our product knowledge.


Research and Development