Market leading solutions

Our dedicated research and product development programme ensures that we continue to provide innovative and market leading solutions. Projects are identified based on future technology developments and market trends; or in collaboration with customer and supplier partners.

Cost-saving solutions

Our customers trust us to develop products that solve their specific acoustic and thermal problems. We analyse material parameters and product data to develop Autins solutions and drive product innovation. Our activities include bespoke acoustic testing and modelling for application-specific conditions, which enables us to demonstrate and optimise product performance, promote weight reduction and cost-saving solutions.

New & Improved Products

The laboratories at the Autins Technical Centre are used to analyse existing products on the market and research potential solutions for current and future acoustic, NVH and thermal challenges. Research and product development projects are identified to investigate changes in the automotive market, explore new materials and products or enhance the development of our existing products. We work collaboratively with our suppliers and customers to extend and improve our product offering.

Regularly Reviewed

The projects we work on are regularly reviewed to ensure that our focus is on the right areas. We select a range of projects to prepare ourselves for future technological and market developments. These are intended to prove an initial concept, prototype a new product or move it into production.


Materials Manufacturing