Superior absorption for interior acoustics

LEVC, formerly known as the London Taxi Company, launched their new plug-in hybrid electric taxi in 2018, specifically designed to make our cities cleaner and greener.

Matching our extensive applications knowledge with the design features and demand of the electric black cab, in 2017 we fast-tracked a suite of parts designed and tested at Autins Technical Centre based at the MIRA Technology Park.

The end parts were tailor-made but the core solution utilised pre-engineered developments that already existed in our wider product range.

Starting with handmade prototypes which were tested in-vehicle to reach the optimal solution, Autins supplied not only the answer, but reverse-engineered the solution back into CAD drawings to generate tooling and products ready for production.

When presented with a particular problem area, Autins designed a multi-layer solution to solve a multi-faceted noise issue. We combined materials to create a barrier to road noise which at the same time provided superior absorption for interior acoustics.

We also replaced the bonnet liner with a Light Foam version (made at Autins’ Swedish factory), as our version was 65 percent lighter than the conventional melamine foam liner that had originally been specified.

Our smart 2D tooling design delivered a cost-effective alternative, whilst offering an improved surface and edge finish. The result: reduced weight, improved aesthetics and safer handling.