Material uniformity assessment technique for the nonwovens and automotive industries

Alaa Memari. Autins Group Plc., Rugby/UK

Dr Alaa Memari.
Autins Group Plc.,

A novel real time evaluation of the uniformity of high-loft nonwovens using patented in-line measurement technology is introduced. Autins Group, a specialist in thermal and acoustic materials for the automotive industry, utilizes data acquired by a patented Hammer-IMS industrial basis-weight scanner and a modified uniformity index algorithm, origi- nally developed for full-area camera images, to provide a standardized approach for assessing nonwovens uniformity. The use of this technique was tested at Autins facilities in Tamworth/UK which is currently the only nonwovens supplier in the automotive industry to implement it and offer such a high level of quality control. The importance of non-wovens uniformity in automotive applications, the manufacturing challenges, and the potential for standardization in the industry is shown.

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Uniformity Index – Dr Alaa Memari